Rules for the Academy

Before Joining

  • There is NO age limit, but this is a smut roleplay so I don’t want to hear anything about any innocence being ruined.

  • You can reserve a character for up to 3 days! After that you’re character will be up for grabs again~ Once you apply you have 3 days to make your account as well~

  • You can bend the ages of the idol to fit for a student, for High School students your character must be between 16-19 years old and for a University student the character must be 19 years of age or older. There is no limit to how old a university student can be. In the application the age we ask for is the age of the character INSIDE the roleplay, not their real age but rather which age you’ll be roleplaying them as.

  • Title your application your favorite singer/band.

  • Teacher’s cannot be under 24 years old. There is a list of teachers in the right sidebar so check there, if the position you want isn’t listed then go ahead and apply for it.

  • There is a character limit of 5 characters and they cannot be from the same group. (Ex: You cannot be GD and TOP)

Creating your account

  • Add “Eternal Academy Roleplay☆” in your ‘About Me” section!

  • Specify whether or not you’re a University Student, High School student or Teacher in your ‘About Me’ section!

  • IF you need to make your name in korean, put the nickname in english so you can be tagged in posts and added in groups! Thank you~

  • DO NOT Add anyone outside of the roleplay and wait until the admins accept you before adding anyone else. DO NOT add anyone before they have been welcomed inside the roleplay by one of the admins.

  • When writing your application, specify if your character is a University student or a High School student. Majoring in a subject is ONLY AVALIABLE for University Students. So DO NOT type in a major in the application unless you are a applying as a University student.

Inside the roleplay

  • This Roleplay can get a bit extreme. The things NOT allowed are:
    Suicide, Rape, Killing, Cutting, Extreme Health Problems(Life threatening things), and Violent acts with an intent to kill.

  • The themes of your roleplay cannot be too intense. Your character may not have a life threatening disease, may not make an attempt on their life, they cannot go out do things that would be allowed in a gang roleplay. You can have drama, of course; but don’t overdue it. This is a school, not the mob.

  • Drugs are allowed, as are mentioning sensitive subjects but you have to keep it under one post, DO NOT start a post with mentions of self-harm, drugs etc. DO NOT post them wall to wall and please remember that these subjects also require a trigger warning at the starter post of the rp, the subject has to be okay with both roleplayers who roleplay in said post. DO NOT SURPRISE SOMEONE!!! (trigger warnings may be written as TW: drugs/mention of rape/self-harm the list goes on)

  • MPreg is NOT allowed, nor is anything to do with babies. Girls, please do not have babies either. A baby equals getting kicked out. Simple as that, however, pregnancy scares or pregnancies going to a miscarriage or abortion is allowed. Just NO babies. 

  • NO CHILDREN are allowed inside of the school! If you character has a child, you can visit them outside of school but they are not allowed in and/or near the school. If you break this rule and are a student, you are kicked out, if a teacher; fired. The ONLY EXCEPTION is if you are a teacher, and a student is your child. THIS MUST BE REASONABLE AGE WISE. As in your teacher could have had a teen pregnancy or they might just be old enough to have a child. 

  • DO NOT Start any OOC drama. I am BEYOND SERIOUS. About this. If any OOC drama is started you will automatically be talked to by myself, I don’t take this lightly. I’ve seen it break up roleplays and I don’t want that to happen here.

  • OOC Talk during roleplaying is allowed~ While it is a serious roleplay, a little fun is welcomed!

  • If you have any problems with any roleplayers and you cannot handle it between yourselves, feel free to come to an admin and we can talk it out.

  • If you’re going on a hiatus please let the admins know so we can add it to our list. Tell us how long you’ll be gone for, give us a date as well, it helps us stay organized. And DO NOT LEAVE THE ROLEPLAY WITHOUT TELLING AN ADMIN! This has happened before and really messes us up.Wwe don’t know whether or not you have been locked out or just deactivated. Even if you’ve only been there a day, please tell us you are leaving.

  • All relationships MUST be open. This rule exists because this is a SMUT roleplay, with everyone being in relationships there will be no one left for new people to smut with in a SMUT roleplay. So all relationships must be open, and we mean TRULY open.
  • Please add: “Rock Your Body” at the bottom of your application so we know you have read all the rules!